Monday, June 23, 2008

Through My Eyes

This video was made to present to the PTA and the faculty of my school. The principal said it was "TOO GRAPHIC" and that the agenda was already done for tonight's meeting. Well now I have decided to share my GRAPHIC life within the walls of her Middle School with others. Help make a difference by standing up and speaking out about school violence. I am allowing all comments to prove a point that there is cyber bullying as well. Victims portrayed in this video are not students of Udall Road School. Anyone may use this video as long as the creator Patrick Kohlmann is given credit for it.


Anonymous said...

The principal is like many teachers I have met that are simply lazy. They think that school is just a big doll house where they can act prim and proper and everything is for the glorification of appearances. No conviction, no substance, no responsibility. They are the kind of people that think school is for obedience rather than education. I wish you luck with your lawsuit and remember that in order for peace to exist you must prepare for war. Just look what happened to Native Americans, if you cannot defend yourself there are those that will destroy you. Many times just because they can. Don't get your hopes up about the lawsuit either, you will find that since children in school cannot vote adults in power do not care about you whatsoever. You have already come to the knowledge that schools are little more than prisons, but officials need all the sources of tax income they can get.

Anonymous said...

Patrick I am currently a graduate student finishing my master’s degree in counseling. I wanted to be a school counselor and was a little indecisive if that was the route I wanted to take, but after seeing your video and shedding a couple of tears I made up my mind and realized that is where I am needed most. Your video was truly moving and has opened my eyes dramatically. I was never a victim of bulling myself but I can only imagine the physical and emotional suffering that this may cause someone. Seeing your video made me wish and hope that one day I will be able to inspire someone the way your video has inspired me and help students like yourself. Best of luck and keep your head high. One of the main reasons why people do what they do is because they themselves are not happy and try to take it out on someone else. Never give up and always try to help another in need.

Anonymous said...

The sad part about school counselor positions is that they do not get to counsel children and their families. They are usually used administratively and academically, only. carmen