Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Texting While Driving PSA

Very graphic video.


Unknown said...

A very dramatic and well-acted video with great realism. However, it is almost identical fright campaign used to prevent youth from using drugs. Scare techniques just don't work.

Similar videos have been made to prevent people from drinking and driving. They don't work.

What they do is scare some parents to try to scare their children. They just don't have the effect of changing the behavior.

RS said...

I tend to agree :)

KW said...

The video does give a good scenario of the outcome when texting and driving. But, with all the extreme video games and other entertainment, I believe it will only have a temporary affect or even a glorified affect on some youths. The percentage of youths who will take it to heart, and change their texting behavior will be minimal, but any percentage, which lowers fatality rate amongst teens, is a positive intervention.

estellefriedberg said...

As real as this video is in demonstrating what can happen when one drives and texts, I feel today's youth are desensitized to what is real. The shock value is immediate, but the long term positive effect is questionable.